2018-19 First week back

After a highly successful show week, followed by a well earned rest, Staged Right Stafford were back in action on Friday, beginning the audition process for our next production “Seussical the Musical”. The first half of Friday’s session had a focus on acting. After a couple of improvisation tasks, our resident director Nick Earnshaw put us into groups of varying ages before providing each group with a story written by Dr Seuss. Our task was simple; bring the story to life in the most exciting way possible. This was a great idea as not only did it build confidence in our new/younger members, but it also gave some of our older member the chance to lead and direct a group of individuals, whilst incorporating themes from Dr Seuss that we will be exploring over the coming weeks.

After a short break, we gathered in the hall where nick explained the plot of the show, gave us in depth character guides and also gave us a chance to listen to some of the musical numbers from the show. Following this, Nick and Phillipa clearly outlined the audition process, which allowed any confusion among the children to subside. If you guys thought the Wiz was a great show, you’re in for a treat this year!”